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Community DC Interview | Leah Howard | National Psoriasis Foundation

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The mission of the National Psoriasis Foundation is to drive efforts to cure psoriatic disease and improve the lives of those affected.

Over 8 million people in the U.S. have psoriasis. Nearly a third of them will develop psoriatic arthritis. A world without psoriatic disease and the related burdens is possible. We won't stop until you have the cure you deserve. 

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Victoria’s June wedding was a celebration of love and clear skin.

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One Step Closer

Researchers uncover hidden features of inflammation.

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Impacts of Inflammation

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• Ways to decrease inflammation

• What systemic inflammation means

• Related conditions to psoriatic disease

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Take ACTION for Psoriatic Disease

Take ACTION for Psoriatic Disease is a movement to educate, advocate, motivate, and celebrate your community as you raise critical funds and awareness to improve the lives affected by psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis.

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