10 Famous Moms Who Keep It Real On Social Media

Is it just me or is there something wonderfully fascinating about famous moms who really are just like us?

Sure they have mansions and nannies and stylists and makeup artists and personal trainers and world tours and expensive clothes and fancy cars... But there are some things - big and small - that we all experience as mothers, regardless of how many followers we have or how much money is in our bank account.

Here are some of my favorite celebrity moms who keep it real on social media.

Kristen Bell


Kristen Bell and Dax Shepherd rarely share pictures of their daughters, 5-year-old old Lincoln and 4-year-old Delta, but one of them did mommy's hair and it looks so pretty. Also note she said her little stylist also pees the bed a few times a week and yea, we've all dealt with that mess too.



Pink's kids, 7-year-old Willow Sage and 2-year-old Jameson Moon, made a fort when they were stuck inside on a rainy day. Granted they were probably in a penthouse suite in a fancy hotel, but they made a fort out of sheets and pool noodles, and we all know how fun that is... Until it's time to take the fort down and fold the blankets and put them away.

Kelly Clarkson


In this Instagram post, Kelly Clarkson's almost 3-year-old son Remy is both glued to his favorite Disney Channel show and not listening to a word she says. #momlife in a nutshell.

Selma Blair


Selma Blair is bravely battling MS, a debilitating illness, and posts about the joy her 11-year-old son Arthur brings to her life every day. She put him on camera to help make a big announcement (been there done that) and then added a disclaimer about how he got a black eye. It wasn't her, it was the kid he was jumping with on the trampoline, because famous kids are always getting hurt too!

Jennifer Garner


Apparently Jennifer Garner's son Samuel wasn't impressed when she dressed up like Astrid from "How To Train Your Dragon" for his 7th birthday party. Embarrassing your children on their birthdays isn't just for regular moms, it's for movie star moms too.

Jennifer Lopez


J-Lo's twins Max and Emme are in 5th grade now, but on New Year's Eve they fell asleep in mama's arms. They all grow up so fast, and we all savor the moments when our big kids prove they're still our babies.

Kate Hudson


That moment when Kate Hudson's teenager spent some precious moments with his newborn baby sister. Every mom's heart melts when her kids love on each other, awww...

Jessica Simpson


Huge. Pregnant. Broke the toilet seat lid. 'Nuff said.

Serena Williams


Serena Williams climbed into her 19-month-old daughter Olympia's crib and cuddled up next to her. It looks like they're having fun, but this is actually something I thought about doing many times out of desperation when my babies just would not go to sleep. Or, well, they would go to sleep in my arms, but the second I put them down they would wake up screaming. I remember thinking, if only I could crawl into the crib and snuggle and then quietly just sneak away...

Chrissy Teigen


I know I shared Instagram posts from all of the other moms on my list but Chrissy Teigen really shines on Twitter. In fact, I just spent the last 30 minutes scrolling her feed and feel like I should be devoting an entire post to her because there's so much snark and realness.

I decided to highlight the case of the missing toilet from early last year because she so eloquently put into words the feeling of being so pregnant and having to pee sooooo bad. Can you imagine finally getting to the bathroom only to discover the freaking toilet was gone? I felt her pain that day, I actually think that was the day I realized what a gift she is to us moms and the Twitterverse as a whole.

Did I forget anyone? Let me know!

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