Elle Magazine declares "the skinny jean is dead" but are they really?

Skinny jeans... out of style? What?

Yes, according to Elle Magazine, "the skinny jean is dead."

Donna Wallace, Elle's former Accessories Editor, cited the introduction of the jegging as the beginning of the end for the denim trend that's lasted more than a decade.

'Jeggings ruined them,' says Donna Wallace, ELLE's former Accessories Editor, who favours a pair of Lee straight-leg men's jeans that she's cut off at the hems. 'As soon as they started bastardising the denim and putting in too much stretch, it became trashy.'

Fair enough I guess, but I actually really like my jeggings, and I'm not giving those up either.

You know what they want us to start wearing instead of skinny jeans?

Wide-leg and kick-flare jeans. I'm pretty sure I just recently sent all of my flare jeans off to Goodwill because I thought they were never coming back in style... Oh, and also because they're about 2 sizes too small for me now. I actually think the skinny jeans are more flattering on my post-second baby mom bod than the roomier styles.

"Mom jeans" are back in fashion too. I laugh when I pick my daughter up at high school and see all of the girls wearing the jeans SNL made skit out of in 2003. If only they knew.

I'm not the only one who isn't ready to dump my skinny jeans yet.

Here are some of the comments from my friends on Facebook.

I will never let go of my skinnies, this new jean trend is awful.

Leggings or skinny jeans!

Noooooooo. I hate wide leg jeans. I'm a rocker. I'm not wearing nothing but skinnnies.

No skinny jeans are NOT DEAD . I will not wear mom jeans.

Just dumped all my wide leg jeans. Skinny for me all the way or I look very very odd.

Oh man.. I don’t think I could wear bell bottoms again and feel ok... or my age. Out or not I’ll be sticking with my skinnies.

I’m too old for this sh*t. (Me too girl, me too!)

So, what do you think? Will you be purging the skinny jeans and shopping for some kick-flares any time soon?

Here are some Insta photos as an ode to my skinnies... Even though I am declaring they are NOT dead!