There's a spider in the house... Do you kill it or put it outside?

A spider on a window in a web

Earlier today my friend shared a poem about being kind to spiders. The author was asked to kill a spider but instead he opted to get a cup and a napkin and use them to move the spider outside. He did this in the hopes that if he ever entered a place where he wasn't welcome he would be treated with the same mercy.


My friend said that she is 100% the person who gets the cup and napkin. People commented and agreed with her.

I shared the poem to my Facebook page and said that if I see a spider, I don't get a cup and a napkin... I get a shoe.

Then I started to feel like I must be some crazy arachnid-killing psycho because comments like this started popping up pretty quickly.

"Cup and napkin all the way. Why we are trained from childhood to immediately kill a bug, insect, arachnid etc is beyond me."

"I'm so sharing this. I'm always cup and napkin."


Thankfully Linda chimed in and made me feel like I'm not so bad.

"If no one else is home to kill it for me i get the vacuum out with the longest attachment and suck it up as i scream the whole time. If it invades my house it dies."

I'm also with her on getting someone else to kill it whenever possible. That's what husbands are for, right?

I want to know if I'm in the minority though, do most people kindly pick up bugs and put them outside? I always assumed everyone freaks out, finds the closest shoe, and smacks away.

Dana McKay

Dana McKay

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