Celine Dion Rocks Asymmetrical Skinny Roll-Up Bell Bottom Jeans

Celine Dion has become quite the fashion icon lately, and her ability to rock these asymmetrical jeans just floors me.

I mean, can you imagine what your friends would say if you waltzed into the next girls night out wearing jeans with one skinny rolled-up leg and one bell bottom leg? They'd be wondering if you've already been drinking... a lot.

But Celine Dion did what a lot of rich celebs do when it comes to wacky fashion trends, she totally pulled them off!

The jeans are made by designer Ksenia Schnaider and they retail for $430.

Would you wear them?

I sure wouldn't, but I also don't take many risks when it comes to fashion and I tend to stick to my Old Navy skinny jeans and a simple top with a cardigan most of the time.

A PopSugar Fashion writer decided she had to try them... and I actually think they look cute on her!

She said she's worn a lot of crazy outfits in the 4 years she's lived in New York City, but these jeans were the first to ever stop traffic.

"I lived here for four years and none of my outfits have ever actually stopped traffic. But these jeans, on the other hand, helped me do it — together, we literally stopped traffic. My coworker Nikita cracked up as she tried to illustrate one woman's reaction to the pants behind me, re-creating this lady's "WTF?!" face with wide eyes and a scrunched up nose."

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