'How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days' Is Getting a TV Reboot!

OK I get it... We have been bombarded with reboots of TV shows and movies for the last couple of years... It's kind of out of control.. But I'm pumped about this one!

Remember "How To Lose a Guy In 10 Days" with Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey? One of my favorite movies ever... She does everything she can to turn him off and try to get him to dump her, but he had made a bet that he could keep a relationship going... Such a fun film!

It's about to become a TV show on a new streaming service called Quibi.

I have been getting caught up on "Younger" on TV Land and I was thinking the other day that there aren't enough lighthearted rom-com shows on TV these days... and now this!

According to Entertainment Weekly, Quibi is set to launch in April of 2020. The mobile streaming service plans to develop several short-form shows that will only last about 10 minutes per episode. Interesting, right?

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