How Many Miles Do You REALLY Have Left in Your Gas Tank?

How low do you let your gas tank get before you stop to fill up?

I admit, I live on the edge when it comes to this... I hate stopping for gas, so I usually let mine get down to about 5 miles to empty before I stop.

If you do the same thing, or if you're always worried about having to bring gas to that special someone in your life who tests that gauge, this list could help. tested a long list of vehicles to see just how much gas was really left in the tank when the refuel light came on. The range was anywhere from 1.85 to 3 gallons, allowing for 25 to 90 more miles to be traveled.

I have a Volkswagen Passat which isn't on the list, but when the light comes on it says I have 45 miles to empty.

Click here to see if your car is on the list and how many miles you really have to empty!

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