Pokémon Mania as Parents Flock to McDonald's for Happy Meal Toys

February 27th is "Pokémon Day", marking the 25th anniversary of the release of the popular trading cards. To celebrate, McDonald's is offering limited edition cards in their Happy Meals across the country. My son Rocco heard a YouTuber talking about how these cards are going to be "worth something" in the future and he started asking to go to McDonald's to get some last week.

On Friday, I took him... But having done a little research on this, I found that we might be out of luck as several locations have already run out of the cards because they are in such high demand.

Unfortunately, the location down the street from us didn't have them. Poor kid was so bummed!

I told my husband that our mission to get the Pokémon cards was a fail and he decided to check the one near his work on the way home.


Of course I shared our excitement all over social media... and other moms and dads started commenting to tell me that they were also enjoying the hunt for Happy Meal Pokémon cards. My amazing husband ended up going to McDonald's again on Saturday to get more. Then a sweet friend reached out to me to ask if we wanted their packs because her kids aren't into Pokémon, so she dropped off a few more packs. Squirtle, the one he's been hoping to find, was in one of them... So he was a very happy boy.

Then I saw my friend Erin comment that someone she knows in Florida bought a bunch of Happy Meals to try to find some of the more elusive cards...

It's hard to tell from the photo, but it looks like they got about 25-30 of them! I thought we were being amazing parents by getting our son McDonald's two days in a row... But these people definitely raised the bar!

I'm not sure if they found the cards they were looking for, but they did donate all of the food to local people in need... So a win for everyone.

Are your kids into Pokémon? To what lengths have you gone to help your kids find toys they want?

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