12 Things You Probably Had In the '80s But Completely Forgot About

I'm 43, so definitely a child of the '80s, and I recently came across some really fun nostalgia accounts on Instagram. Since I've spent a lot of time scrolling through them over the last couple of days, I thought I would share some of the items that I had completely forgotten about.

How many of these items did you have?

Maybelline Kissing Coolers

They tasted and smelled so good and fruity!

Keychain picture viewer

What a blast from the past. I remember having a few of these but can't remember what the pictures inside were.

Avon Little Blossoms products

My mom's friend sold Avon, so we had it all... Including these Little Blossoms powders and bubble bath.

Character glasses

We had the Strawberry Shortcake ones but I think for a while I was too little to even drink out of them. My parents used them, I used the plastic Tupperware cups.

Beaded change purses

I remember getting money for my birthday and sticking it in a little pouch, I had a peach one.

Fruity gum in a carton

The gum inside looked like little rocks, slightly bigger than Nerds candy. So tasty... for about 2 minutes and then you'd pop more in your mouth!

Mini pianos

I have no idea when or how I had one of these, but I definitely remember playing the tiny little keys!

Nabisco Chocolate Chip Snaps cookies

It's funny how snacks come and go. I don't really remember eating the cookies but I do remember this box.

PJammer clock radio and Pillow People

I absolutely loved this clock radio and had it for many years. I still remember hitting that little green snooze button when it was time to get up for school.

Charm necklaces

Totally loved collecting these charms. Paired well with the jelly bracelets I wore all the way up to my elbow.

The Illustrated Wildlife Treasury

I totally had this, and all I remember is organizing the cards sometimes and wondering what else I could do with it.

Candy cigarettes

We thought we were so cool "smoking" these. Our parents should have known better :)

Did any of these bring back memories?

This is the first list in a series I'm working on... Next up will be '80s toys you probably had but totally forgot about and I'll be doing an '80s TV show one too.

Thanks for reading!

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