Georgetown Man Fights to Keep Transformers in Front of His House

A Georgetown man says he is hiring an attorney to fight the Old Georgetown Board over the Transformers statues in front of his home on Prospect Street.

Dr. Newton Howard, a scientist at Georgetown University, put his Optimus Prime and Bumblebee statues outside during the pandemic to give kids walking by something to see and talk about.

"I felt that in the times that we’re in – being incubated in your own house and what not – it would be nice to have an iconic thing for the kids to enjoy as they walk by and what not," Howard told Fox 5 DC.

While the kids might be enjoying the Transformers, the Old Georgetown Board wants them removed because they don't fit the aesthetic of the historic neighborhood. They've told Dr. Howard he needs to get a permit to display them, but it's become such a battle he's now hiring an attorney to help.

Some residents think that allowing these commercial structures to stay will set a precedent that anyone can put anything they want in front of their homes... I guess they kind of have a point...

What do you think? Should they stay or should they go?

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