'The Real Magic Mike' Reality Show Coming to HBO Max

This sounds like a fun... and hot... concept for a reality show!

Channing Tatum and Stephen Soderbergh are taking their hit movie and live show "Magic Mike" franchise and turning it into a reality show. An HBO Max press release says the show will transform "men who have lost their magic" into sexy superstars.

"From the producers behind the Magic Mike franchise and live shows comes an exhilarating and sexy series that will transform a group of men into real-life Magic Mikes. 10 men who have ‘lost their magic’ will come together in a competition series like no other. They will bare their souls and more as they evolve their bodies, learn to perform spectacular routines, and develop a new level of self-confidence. As they strip off their clothes, they will rid themselves of emotional baggage and regain their mojo but only one will be the Real Magic Mike."

A casting call is happening now and the prizes for the winner include cash and a gig in Vegas.

No word yet on who will host or an exact premiere date, but it's coming sometime later this year.

Will you be watching? I will be... This sounds like fun!!

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