Fan Starts Petition to Rename Reagan Airport to JoJo Siwa Airport

A freshman at Georgetown University recently started a petition to change Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport's name to JoJo Siwa Washington National Airport. He isn't a fan of Ronald Reagan's legacy and believes JoJo Siwa is more deserving of an airport in her name.

Dylan Long told DCist that he was talking to a friend about the airport and the idea to petition for a name change popped into his head.

“I always fly in and fly out through Reagan Airport and every time I’m there, I’m sort of reminded of Ronald Reagan and you know, it’s disappointing,” he told them.

Now, obviously, this would never get Congressional approval, but that's not stopping anyone from signing. So far the petition has over 4,300 signatures... Well on it's way to the 5,000 goal.

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