Don't be fooled by this FAKE 'Bridgerton' tweet!

Don't be fooled by this FAKE Bridgerton tweet going around!

This morning I was very excited when I saw the "news" that Rege-Jean Page would be returning to Bridgerton for season 3... Until I went to verify the story and ended up figuring out that the tweet appears to be fake!

It's a screenshot of a tweet that one of my friends shared from a Bridgerton fan group. It looks legit, complete with what appears to be a link to an article from a reliable source for entertainment news... But when I went to Twitter to look for the actual tweet, I couldn't find it!

I was so bummed... I mean, I know I'm not the only one who swooned over the Duke (and all of those crazy hot love scenes) in season 1, so of course his return would be very exciting. In fact, I haven't even watched season 2 yet because it just isn't the same without him.

Anyway, here's the tweet I DID find.

So it looks like someone took that tweet and photoshopped it to change the names of the people... I could be wrong, but I'm a pretty good web detective. Not only that, but if Rege-Jean Page was actually returning to the show, the news would be everywhere because he was such a popular character.

So when you see this... Don't share it! Say NO to the #fakenews!

In the meantime, for your Bridgerton fix, you can check out Bridgerton: The Official Podcast on iHeartRadio.

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