Hey, Bright Eyes: Put LEDs on Your Lashes!

Instead of seeing the light in your eyes, what if people saw the light on your eyes?

Introducing LED eyelashes.

They come in seven colors, can be applied just like false eyelashes, and flash in different patterns depending on how you move your head.

Designer Tien Pham has just debuted his invention – known, naturally, as F.Lashes – ten months after starting a Kickstarter campaign.

The light-up lashes are powered by a small watch battery that lasts four hours and clips to your hair along with the controller.  On his Facebook page, Pham says the light “is NOT blinding…I often can’t tell I have them turned on.”

Wearers are encouraged to coordinate with their outfits – since F.Lashes glow red, white, blue, pink, light blue, green or yellow.

Would YOU wear LED lashes?

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