Costumed Devils Leap Over Babies in the Street at This Festival Today

It may be a queasy Fathers Day for new dads in the Spanish village of Castrillo de Murcia. That’s because the town is celebrating the annual festival of El Colacho.

All babies born in the previous year are placed on mattresses in the street…then men dressed like the devil come running, leaping over each infant.

The object of “El Salto del Colacho” (The Devil’s Jump) is for the costumed Satans to absorb the sins of the babies, protecting them from evil spirits and illness. If it sounds like an ancient superstition – well, the festival begain in the 1620s.

Parents from around the country – and around the world - now bring their babies to the village to gain “protection.”

Check out the video from a previous El Colacho.

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