Techno-Phobes: Here’s Your Movie

It’s a film that features Tom Hanks and John Mayer – but the subject comes from last century: typewriters.

In the documentary California Typewriter, Hanks talks about the more than 250 typewriters he’s collected (with 90% of them in perfect working order). Other testimonials come from playwright Sam Shepard and historian David McCullough. 

For others in the film, their Royals or Smith Coronas are an effort to “resist the paradigm”…because “the revolution will be typewritten.”

Check out the trailer for the documentary debuting August 18th.

But the main reason I bring this up (other than the fact that I own two typewriters myself) is to make a bad typewriting joke. I think the movie’s theme should be sung by Rachel Platten.

Let me know if you get it!

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