More Snow Could Be On The Way for the DMV/Baltimore

Remember when it snowed 4 days in a row a week ago? We’re headed for a similar prolonged snow event again this week, starting tomorrow. Colder air will arrive and bring with it the threat of snow, maybe mixed with sleet and freezing rain through the end of the week. After that, another storm could bring even more over the weekend.

TIMING: Snow will begin in the evening tonight, mixing with sleet or rain south of the DC Metro area. Snow should continue into Thursday with a break through the day that will pick up again Thursday night into Friday. Should end midday Friday. Saturday afternoon could see more snow later in the day.

We could see 6-8 inches over the next few days. As it will fall over such a prolonged period of time, road crews should be able to keep up with it… however, side streets will likely be impacted most by slick conditions. Areas to our west will be flirting with a foot!