Applebee's Drops New Wing Sauce Inspired Lip Glosses

Applebee's is cooking up something saucy...

Saucy Gloss is the latest creation from Applebee’s and makeup brand Winky Lux.

They dropped four bold, high-shine lip glosses with flavors inspired by Applebee’s wing sauces.

Colors include:

  • Get Me Hot Buffalo: Creamy coral that packs the hot buffalo spice your ex could never have handled.
  • Sweet Chile Kiss: Deep rich red kissed with a hint of fine golden chile specks that put the “mmm” in make-out.
  • Be My Honey Pepper: A gorgeous golden honey-spiced gloss with shimmering flecks that'll make you the queen bee of date night.
  • Honey BBQ-T: A shiny, smoky barbecue hue with a side of honey sweetness to make your kisses downright craveable.

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