What NOT to do when you wake up in middle of night

As someone who has alot of experience with this topic - I wake up ALL the time in the middle of the night and struggle to fall back asleep - I can tell you that it's the pits. So when I came across these tips, I got excited! 

Here’s the trick to getting back into your slumber quickly. Don’t do any of these things:

  • Get out of bed. Sometimes you have to, but otherwise don’t!
  • Smoke. Bad idea. It’s a stimulant which will awaken your brain.
  • Turn on mobile devices or the TV. The blue light emitted from them will disrupt your body and hormones throwing off your body clock.
  • Eat a snack. The body hates falling asleep on a full stomach.
  • Take melatonin. Yes, it is a sleep aid, but taking it as you are trying to sleep will, again, mess up your body. It naturally produces melatonin a few hours before bedtime.

photo: Pixaby

source: Fox News 

Jenni Chase

Jenni Chase

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