Why my night at the ball game sucked!

Ok, so...if you've listened to my show long enough, you know that Ryan Zimmerman is my favorite Nationals player.  I am a HUGE fan.  I stood in the pouring rain to get his bobblehead when they were giving them away at Nats Park.  When my husband and I had to drive to Utah last year, we realized that on the night we'd be staying in Denver on the way up from Texas, the Nats would be in town to play the Rockies, so we splurged and got some great seats by 1st base - that's Ryan's position, if ya didn't know. And...he wasn't part of the lineup that night...he had the day off.  Of course, I was bummed.  

Fast forward to yesterday...my hubby was in town this week for work (he still lives in TX, where we had moved to, but I came back so I could return to WASH-FM), and we saw that it was the Os/Nats makeup game from May.  John is a AVID Os fan...so he said, hey, let's go! Again, we splurged and got seats on Row J, right by 1st base.  I was SO excited all day long...borderline giddy.  Was rocking my Nats tshirt, my Zimm #11 jersey, and my sparkly blue flip flops.  

We get to the park and settle into our seats.  They announce the Os starting lineup, then the Nats. I was ALL ready to stand up and holler when Ryan's name was said...but I kept waiting, and waiting, and when the 6th or 7th player's name was read, it dawned on me - Zimm, again, had the day off.  The screen displayed the complete roster for the night...and his name wasn't on it. 

I looked at John and said..."You have GOT to be kidding me!!!" (and I won't lie, there may have a been a few expletives included)

I could not even believe it.

I almost cried.

What are the chances that it would happen to me, 2 games in a row???

I tried not to mope, and enjoy the game.  I did so, but it just wasn't the same for me.

I vowed that that was the LAST time I will ever pay for good seats.  

Heck, I may never go to another game again!!! My luck sucks!!! 

BUT, at least we won, 6-1! And I got a date night with the hubs. =) 

photo: Zimm on Facebook 

Jenni Chase

Jenni Chase

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