Why my dogs are working my last nerve

Everyone who knows me knows how much I love my dogs.  They are my BABIES, part of our family.  I would cut off a toe before I would allow harm to come to them.  


Bear and Miss Kate, my 2 Shelties, have ALWAYS been SO good with their house-training.  They used to NEVER go inside.  That has now changed.

Normally, when I go out of town, my bff will watch them for me at her house.  She's been unavailable recently, so, I hired a dogwalker.  The first time I came home from a trip...there was poop EVERYWHERE in my place - which, may I add...has carpet and is a rental.  

When I came home from a 2nd recent trip...same story, although not as much as before.

I could KINDA give them a pass for the times I was away and their "Mommy's not here" routine was shaken up. 

BUT it's starting to happen on a somewhat regular basis now.  For the last 2 mornings, I have waken up to poop.  And it's not like I didn't take the dogs out before bed.  Plus, there's been poop when I came home from work.  And I don't know which one of them or both are guilty, since it happens when I'm not home or awake. 

I can't even imagine how much I am gonna have to pay to get the carpet cleaned when I move out in a few months.  

Any suggestions? 

photo: me 

Jenni Chase

Jenni Chase

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