I feel like the universe is against me

Let me preface this rant by saying that I realize there are serious problems in this world...we have many major issues...and at the end of the day, I am a very blessed woman.  But we all go through phases where one annoying thing after another happens.  Apparently, THIS is MY time.  And I don't mean to whine...I just need to vent.  

(I blogged about all this previously but to recap...) It started with our trip to Ocean City...I had been looking forward to it for SO long...and it was rainy and chilly the whole time. Then we go to the Nats game, and for the 2nd time in a row, no Zimm.  I was CRUSHED.  Then, the whole issue with my dogs pooping inside the house started.  THEN it was my trying to rent some movies last weekend, not having my debit card with me, going to the wrong location, etc.  Then yesterday, I had a long-standing appointment to have my car detailed...and the guy showed up 3 hours late.  ARGH.  And then this morning, I get to work, and can't find my security card.  I usually keep it in the middle console of my car after I leave the garage at work, but since I was having my car done yesterday, I put it in the glove box ...or so I thought.  I pull up to the gate outside...and start digging through said glove box...my card was nowhere to be found.  There's a car behind me, so I can't sit there forever looking for the dang thing.  So I have to take a ticket to get into the garage...and now I'll have to pay 7 bucks to get out this afternoon.

Oh, and my fridge broke...and I had to throw away a yummy steak I had grilled.

ARGH, I say...ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Despite what my dear friend Loo Katz said to me this morning, half of all this is stuff I couldn't/can't controI, but still - I need some retail therapy...and a drink. 

Ok. Rant over.  Thanks for letting me do so.  


********But, on a VERY positive note...my hubby is moving up here, sooner rather than later! When I came back last fall, John wasn't able to return with me.  It's been a hard 7 months being apart, but we are finally in the process of making it happen.  I am so excited and again, blessed. =) 

Jenni Chase

Jenni Chase

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