How to eat healthy on vacation!


Vacations are amazing, but sometimes the lack of food options on long travel days makes it feel impossible to stick to a healthy eating plan. Of course, you’ll want to indulge a little, it IS vacation, after all, but these tips can help you end your travels at the same weight as when you left and have plenty of fun on the trip.

  • Limit fried foods - No matter how healthy it was to start with, covering it with batter and dunking it in oil adds tons of calories. So stick to grilled, baked, braised, or roasted options instead.
  • One dessert daily -- and split it - Have your sweets but share them to cut the calories in half. Choose something special for your one treat for the day, like a regional favorite, shaved ice in Hawaii or cheesecake in New York.
  • Step away from the vending machine - Stock up on snacks at a local grocery so you’re prepared with fruits, nuts, and cheese when hunger strikes. That way you have more nutritious options and save more than if you’re eating from a vending machine.
  • Make half of your plate vegetables -- as always - Apparently, we should be eating like this all the time.
  • Broaden your palate - Step outside your comfort zone and try something new on your adventure. Be open-minded and order the special at a local restaurant.
  • Opt for water - Skip the soda and juice which can add hundreds of calories to your day and remember that those frosty margaritas could have as many as 600 calories per serving. Instead, drink water and lots of it.
  • Walk the city - Enjoy the experience of being in a new place and take off on your feet. See the sights while walking off your daily dessert and you’ll get a different perspective than you do from inside a car or train.

Source: Daily Herald

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