I discovered a new snack - and I'm not sure about it.

I'll be honest...I have snacked more these past 4 months than I think I have in the last 4 years. I purposely don't keep chips in the house unless we are having friends over...'cause I know I'll get a hankerin' and sit down with the bag in front of the tv and eat the WHOLE dang thing. I try to stick to stuff like cheese and meat for snacks...so when I saw this item as I was in line at the store...I couldn't resist.

Bacon On The Go.

Yes, a piece of bacon in a sealed package that you can take with you and eat anywhere.

I thought to myself...where has this been all my life?


I couldn't wait to try it.

And I wanted to like it. Believe me that I did. But...well. It just tasted...weird...to me. For one thing, it had a sweet taste. Which makes it kinda like candied bacon. Or sweet jerky.

I love jerky. So I thought that bacon 2 go would satisfy me. Alas, no.

And...it cost $1.50. A PACKAGE of bacon, with, what, 12 slices, costs 5 bucks. I'm just sayin'.

Now then...on a positive note...these cheese crackers are the bomb! And Amazon will deliver them right to your door!!!