Our family is expanding again!

Happy news is so hard to sit on, especially during these challenging times when positive news is so needed for so many, and for awhile now, I've been keeping a secret...and it's been tough not to shout it from the rafters but...I've been given the thumbs up and am elated to tell you that...

...my stepdaughter is pregnant again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Holly and her husband are having another baby boy!!!

They've named him Robin, to go along with his big brother, Wren.

Holly's due in January and well...my gosh...I certainly hope things in our world are...better...and we can go to North Dakota to visit the new member of our family. Just like I hope I can soon go to Texas to visit my parents, who I haven't seen in person since January.

If you, too, are missing your family, here's a BIG VIRTUAL hug from me to you.