Competition BBQ'ing...harder than it looks!

Over the weekend, my husband and I took part in our first-ever barbecue competition. A little backstory...from the beginning of our relationship, John has LOVED to grill. Over the years, he's done a lot of research and studying and experimenting, and last year, after swearing he'd never compete...I guess he saw one too many episodes of "BBQ Pitmasters" and decided he wanted to give it a shot. So we came up with a team name, got a logo and some tshirts and banners designed and entered a few competitions.

Of course, given the current situation, there were plenty of safety precautions in place which made things a bit more challenging. And we never would have gone if that wasn't the case.

So we got there on our meat inspected, then started working on it. Went to bed early for a 3am wake up. You gotta get up early and get your fires going. And monitor them pretty constantly. And "build your box"...competition boxes have greenery in the bottom of them so we meticulously cut and placed lettuce in as pleasing a manner as we could. Meantime, John's got 3 different meats he's trying to season and cook perfectly. And I'm yelling, " I need that box...gotta finish the garnish and we only have 5 minutes left!"

In the end, we got our 3 boxes turned in on time...we were quite pleased with how they looked...and then...we waited. For several hours for the results. We were hoping to finish in the Top 10 in at least one category. We got 15th place for our ribs...and in the 20's for our chicken and pork butt. There were 29 teams competing so...we definitely felt a tad deflated that we didn't do better.

BUT we had fun, made a memory and learned some things that will hopefully help us next time!

Bottom line...competition BBQ is hard and stressful but we're determined to succeed!