Farmer's Almanac prediction for Winter in the DMV

Sure, we just welcomed the arrival of Fall...but those of us who love Winter and snow already have our sights set on what comes AFTER Autumn.

Safe to say that last Winter was a big disappointment...I think we got grand total of 4 inches of the white stuff at our house. Will this Winter be different?

The gang at the Farmer's Almanac seems to think so...their prediction for the Winter of 2020/2021 is...that it will be "seasonably cold, wet and white". Cold + wet = SNOW! And that we may get a blizzard in February.


But the problem is...the almanac was wrong last time, when it said Winter would be "frigid, freezing and frosty"...and instead, we got one of the warmest Winters on record.

All we can do, snow bunnies, is cross our fingers and hope! Not to mention doing our snow dance and wearing our jammies inside out and backwards!

photo: Getty Images