Ways to cope with anxiety and stress on Election Day

Well, it's finally here...Election Day 2020. An election like none we've ever experienced. In addition to being in the middle of a pandemic, cities across our country, including DC, are boarded up for fear of civil unrest today and in the days to come.

So, if you find yourself feeling anxious and stressed today, like I am, I wanted to share some tips on how to get through the day.

According to Dr. Jennifer Ashton with "Good Morning America"...

DO something physical, a task of some sort. Use breathing exercises and aromatherapy (I plan to have my essential oil diffuser fired up all day long). Check in with loved ones.

And DO NOT get on social media.

Deep breath, my friend...deep breath. Just like the last 8 months, we will get through this together. BIG HUGS!

photo: Getty Images