I went to "The 'Friends' Experience" in NYC!

If you're a fan of the tv show "Friends", like me, a visit to "The Friends Experience" in New York City needs to be added to your bucket list!

When I heard about it, I knew that I HAD to go. So this past Friday, I did. A friend and I hopped on an Amtrak train, went to the Big Apple and immersed ourselves in everything "Friends". It's an hour-long walkthrough featuring different exhibits and sets from the show. You get to see a lot of the clothes/costumes worn by the cast, as well as memorable props. Of course there's Central Perk and the hallway between the 2 apartments. You also get to "go into" each apartment and pose for pictures in Monica and Rachel's kitchen (yes, Rachel's famous Thanksgiving Trifle is included!) and living room. Over in Joey and Chandler's apartment, you can sit in their recliners. And yes, we did sit on the famous orange couch in the coffee shop!

This description really doesn't do the experience justice. It definitely blew me away and again, if "Friends" has impacted your life the way it has mine, you need to see this place in person!