What I got for Mother's Day: critters for our farm!

When you have free-range chickens, it's hard to protect them from predators. One year, a fox managed to drag all 4 of our hens off our property. The other day, all 3 of our hens just disappeared. Now, theoretically, they COULD have jumped our fence but we aren't sure how, since we clip their wings and have never seem them even attempt to fly. Maybe a racoon or another fox got them...or a large bird. All I know is, I was extremely sad about their demise.

So, when my husband told me that he wanted to get me some chicks for Mother's Day, I was elated! Off we went to Southern States in Mt. Airy, where I proceeded to pick out new baby hens. Before, we had the same kind of hens...they looked alike and it was hard to tell them apart. Well, this time, I insisted on getting different varieties, so I can name them (any suggestions would be appreciated!).

We have a Silver and a Gold Wyandotte, a Buff Orpington, a Rhode Island Red, and an Ameraucauna.

Raising and caring for chickens is a lot of fun and really, not much work. Definitely worth it to get so many fresh eggs each year!

Chick 1
Chick 2