The "Friends" Reunion trailer is here - could I BE freaking out any more?!?


The highly anticipated reunion of the cast of "Friends" premieres May 27th on HBOMax, and we now know some of what we'll see during the special!

For the first time in a decade, all six cast members were in the same room, although Matthew Perry did not appear to be entirely okay. Viewers expressed concern about his health. Perry sat stooped in a chair, slurred his words, and just looked...unwell.

The celebrity blog Crazy Days and Nights reports, “This television reunion did not go as well as planned. It was very obvious Matthew Perry was in a place health-wise that he should not have probably agreed to it." You can see what you think in the video below.

Here is the two-minute reunion clip that shows the cast playing Friends trivia, and features the stars revisiting the old sets, getting interviewed by James Corden, and reminiscing about the sitcom.