Things we learned during the "Friends" reunion!

Now streaming at HBO Max is the long-awaited reunion of the Friends cast. The one-hour and 45-minute special has gotten mixed reviews from TV critics. Fans of the 90s sitcom have binged the show that is filled with emotion and surprises. HBO Max reports that subscriptions to the service spiked this week. Most of the new arrivals chose Friends as the first thing to stream.

Revelations from the Friends Reunion:

  • David Schwimmer admitted to having a “major crush on Jennifer Aniston.” She felt the same. They never acted on it. But channeled those emotions into the first Ross and Rachel kiss.
  • Lady Gaga is one of the surprise guests. She joined Lisa Kudrow for a rendition of “Smelly Cat.” That segment is censored in China, where Gaga is banned for meeting with the Dali Lama. (The Hollywood Reporter)
  • Lisa Kudrow cannot watch Friends reruns “because I’m mortified with myself.”
  • Matt LeBlanc required hospitalization for a shoulder that he dislocated on set. It happened the only time the cast did not huddle before taping an episode. They took it as an omen and made the pre-show huddle a tradition.
  • Matthew Perry admitted to intense anxiety taping in front of a crowd. He revealed to the cast for the first time (quote) “I sometimes said a line and the audience didn’t laugh. I would sweat and go into convulsions -- I would freak out.”
  • Courteney Cox auditioned for the role of Rachel. Then convinced producers that she was more suited to play Monica.
  • The reunion taping was the first time that all six actors reunited since the series finale. They kept in regular touch, especially the women. Matthew Perry, however, might not have been joking when he blurted out (quote) “I don’t hear from anyone!”
  • When asked where their character would be today, Phoebe would direct an arts program for “kids who are a little different." Nothing different for Ross and Rachel, who are married with kids. Monica would be in charge of elementary school bake sales. Her relationship with Chandler was not originally planned by producers. They re-wrote scripts once the audience became invested in Chandler and Monica's hookup.
  • Matt LeBlanc believed Joey “opened a sandwich shop on Venice Beach.” (Just Jared)

This FANATIC of the show loved every single minute of the reunion. I cried, more than once. And here's a sample of my "Friends" collection. Not pictured are my 2 "Friends" sweatshirts, a tshirt, several more wine glasses and my 10-disc DVD box set with every single episode.

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