I flew on a plane over the weekend - what it was like

Prior to this past weekend, I hadn't seen my parents in person in 16 months. My dad has had a tough year physically and I wanted to fly to see him and my stepmom a few months ago, but we agreed that I should wait until we were all vaccinated. So, once we were, I booked a flight to Dallas.

I didn't know what to expect at the airport...it was crowded but not jammed. And people were respectful of the mask requirement at Reagan National. I was glad I was able to enjoy a glass of wine before my flight to help calm my nerves - I don't like to fly - because on the plane, no adult beverages were available. Southwest, which I was on, and American have both suspended alcohol sales until September because of all the unruly passengers lately. I guess that's how some people react after being cooped up for a year.

You do have to wear your mask in the airport and on the place unless you are actively eating or drinking. The flight attendants reminded us of that frequently, saying "Take a drink or bite and mask up until you're ready for the next one." And it did feel odd sitting so closely to a stranger, even with our masks on.

But my trip was well worth it and...all the hugs I was able to give my dad and stepmom...I never wanted to let go.