The "Calm" app is stepping up to help athletes in need of a mental break

Ever since Naomi Osaka opened up about experiencing depression and anxiety and withdrew from the French Open, she’s received lots of love and support from fellow tennis players, celebs, and fans. Now, she’s getting support from meditation app Calm, which announced that it would match her fine with a $15,000 donation to the French youth sports charity Laureus. Calm said it would also pay the fines of any player who opts out of media appearances for mental health reasons during the 2021 Grand Slam season – and match that fine with a donation to the charity. “Mental health is health,” Calm wrote on Twitter. “To support Naomi Osaka’s decision to prioritize her mental health, Calm is donating $15,000 to @LaureusSport in France, an organization doing incredible work in the mental health space to transform the lives of young people through the power of sport.” They continued, “But this is bigger than any individual player. Calm will also pay the fine for players opting out of 2021 Grand Slam media appearances for mental health reasons, and we will match the fine with a $15,000 donation to @LaureusSport.” (NY Daily News)

I LOVE THIS. We need more conversations about mental health and why there needs to stop being ANY stigma associated with issues like Naomi's.

photo: Getty Images