Heading back to the office? Here's how to help your pet adjust

It's definitely been a perk of working from home for many of us...more time with our furbabies! I love knowing that if I need a purr or a kiss to brighten my day, I can get one! Always relieves any work stress that may come up during the day.

Our pets have gotten used to us being at home so now, with folks returning to their offices, what are our critters to do?

We can help alleviate their anxiety over us not being home all the time by following these vet-recommended tips.

Starting now, separate yourself from your pet for a little while each day. Put him or her in a room, alone, with some favorite toys. Let them get used to your absence, slowly.

If your pet is used to being in a crate, that's also another way for him/her to feel safe/unanxious...you can crate your pet while you are busy doing something else.

Give your pet something to do. Get a puzzle or a toy to keep him/her occupied and less focused on you.

Also, sticking to your routine will help...feed and walk your pet at the same time each day.

And, beginning now, when you come home from being gone somewhere, act chill around your pet. If you're overly excited to see him/her, that can send the wrong signal, making them that you being gone is a bad thing.

PS: this is my Sheltie, Bear...who just turned 12!!!!