Yet ANOTHER Taylor Swift stalker busted

Cops busted a creepy guy for trying to get into one of Taylor Swift's Manhattan apartments on Friday -- marking at least the fourth time a stalker has been nabbed at one of her properties.

Patrick Nissen, who traveled to the Big Apple from Lincoln, Nebraska to try spending time with Tay, was arrested inside the vestibule of the building after a security guard reported a trespasser. Taylor owns three pads on the same Lower Manhattan block, and it wasn't immediately clear which one the 28-year-old guy had staked out.

Nissen's now-inactive Twitter account was filled with messages about the star, including, “Now searching for the love of my life. Taylor swift is one of those people I feel like I could connect with and fall in love with. Ready to conquer Death. LOVE." (New York Post)

photo: Getty Images

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