Everything we need to have in our car emergency kit

After the nightmare that happened this week on Interstate 95 in VA, and hearing all the horror stories of stranded drivers who had no (or ran out of) food and water, I wanted to share this list of everything we need to carry in our car, should we ever become trapped on a highway in a snowstorm.

Water: always have at least a few bottles with you.

Food: nuts, protein bars, dried fruit, crackers and whole-grain pretzels.

Extra winter apparel: mittens, scarves, socks, hats and snow boots.

Hand warmers, matches and some small candles.


Flashlight and extra batteries.


A phone charger.

Cat litter.

A shovel.

An ice scraper.


Supplies for babies, kids and pets.

Jumper cables.

And small toiletries.

photo: getty images

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