How to spot if your at-home rapid test is a FAKE!

A warning from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC): there are fake at-home rapid COVID testing kits which are for sale online. And desperate customers are buying them and getting scammed.

In a press release from the FTC: "It’s not a surprise that, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, fake and unauthorized at-home testing kits are popping up online as opportunistic scammers take advantage of the spike in demand. Using these fake products isn’t just a waste of money, it increases your risk of unknowingly spreading COVID-19 or not getting the appropriate treatment."

Here's what to do:

Make sure you are purchasing a test which has FDA authorization.

Investigate before you buy a kit - google the company's name along with words like "complaint" or "scam".

Read reviews online from different websites.

And use a credit card to pay for the test, so if there's any issue with the legitimacy of the test kit, your credit card company can dispute the transaction.

photo: Getty Images

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