I went to "Pixelbloom" and had my mind blown! LOOK!

When I saw "Pixelbloom" being advertised, my curiosity took note. It was piqued. I had never been to an immersive art experience so I decided to go for it...and wow, am I glad I did!

It's going on right now at ARTECHOUSE in DC (right by the Mandarin Oriental Hotel) and here's how it's described:

"Jump into the metaverse at ARTECHOUSE DC for the 5th annual spring inspired exhibition! This year ARTECHOUSE pushes the boundaries of immersive digital art, inviting visitors to traverse through a virtual world of cherry blossoms brought to life only at ARTECHOUSE. This immersive, interactive exhibition is open to all ages, from March 11 through June 5, 2022."

I really wasn't quite sure what to expect when I went in...but let's just call it a mindblowing sight. You're in a large room filled with vibrant colors and beautiful blooms and everything's moving. It's like you're in a dream or something. My words can't do it justice so I hope you enjoy the photos and videos I took!

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