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National Trivia AND Spaghetti Day - how much do you know about the dish?

Today is National Spaghetti Day. And National Trivia Day - so how much do you know about the popular pasta dish?

What President is credited with bringing spaghetti to America?

a) Teddy Roosevelt

b) Martin Van Buren

>c) Thomas Jefferson

The BBC pranked viewers back in 1957 by telling them what fib about spaghetti ?

>a) it grows on trees

b) it was being made illegal

c) it's good for the male sex drive

What rust belt city gave Chef Boy-Ar-Dee (Hector Boiardi) his start?

>a) Cleveland

b) Pittsburgh

c) Buffalo

It's also Weigh In Day - I'm not ready to do that yet after the holidays!

photo: Getty Images

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