They're Not Texting Back? Remember These 7 Things to Calm Yourself Down!

Sitting around and waiting for someone you like to text you back can be the worst. Not hearing back quickly in the early days of dating can be really stressful and your thoughts can spiral into a negative nightmare of maybes and what ifs. But instead of stressing yourself out with all the possible reasons your love interest isn’t responding, try something less self-destructive, like telling yourself one of these things.

  • “They’re a busy human”- Just like you, this person has work, friends, family, and maybe a dog who just ate a pair of underwear, so they’re dealing with a lot and it may take them a while to respond.
  • “It’s okay if they’re not super into me yet”- They may not be responding immediately because they’re just not that into you yet, but that doesn’t mean they won’t ever be.
  • “It’s Monday”- If it’s early in the week, that could be a factor. Lots of people don’t do social stuff on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday or make plans far in advance.
  • “Not everyone is glued to their phone”- If you can’t stop picking up your phone to check for messages it may be hard to imagine the person you’re waiting for isn’t doing the same thing, but some people actually keep their phone on silent or don’t check it constantly.
  • “I am not a mind reader”- There’s no way you can know what they’re thinking, so try not to jump to conclusions.
  • “I am great”- Don’t forget you’re awesome, even when you’re impatiently waiting on a text.
  • “It’s time to go outside”- Get up, get out, and do something to distract yourself so you’re not sitting around, obsessing and waiting. That way you’ll feel better, even if they don’t text.




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