Taco Bell is bringing the Mexican Pizza Back

If you know me, I LOVE. L.O.V.E the Mexican Pizza from Taco Bell and would get every chance I got but during the pandemic, the Mexican Pizza was one of the man items cut from the menu due to COVID.

I prayed, I signed petitions...I cried all hoping that Taco Bell would make the right decision to bring the pizza back. And finally...they did!

Mike Grams, Vice President and COO at Taco Bell, reportedly confirmed: “We’re bringing back the Mexican Pizza!”

Now the big question is when. Well, I do not have a confirmed answer but I do know it will definitely be this year but the month I heard around the rumor mill is April.

Either way, a crowd favorite is making a return which makes 2022 already better than 2021.

Source: HITC

Photo: Getty Images

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