A Clip of Amber Heard “Breaking Character” Is Going Viral

As you may know, Johnny Depp's defamation suit against ex-wife Amber Heard is underway. The trial is expected to last six weeks, running Monday through Thursday, and including a break from May 9th - 12th.

A Tik Tok video, that has over 16 million views, shows Amber Heard simply smiling but viewers believe something else is going on.

Many users commented on how easy she went from smiling to somber saying that she "clearly went into character" and many others shared that her change in emotion was "scary".

Now we will never know what she was really thinking at that moment and maybe she was just being nice to someone but no matter the results of the case there is still the court of public opinion she has to face.

You can see the video down below!

Photo: Getty Images

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