Women Are Making Fake Boobs Out of Water Balloons

The weirdest things trend on Tik Tok and this one is no exception.

You may have seen this scrolling on your FYP (For You Page). Women are taking two balloons, filling them up with water, tying them around their necks to make sure the balloons are... dangling, and then putting a shirt over their new chest to make them look like fake boobs.

Obviously, these boobs look fake and over the top but that is not stopping users from trying out this "hack".

In a video that now has over 42 million views, Ashley Nocera demonstrates how to create these fake boobs using two balloons and a little bit of water! If you think about it, this is way better than surgery because it cost around $2 or less!

You can see the videos that kicked off this trend below!

And yes, people are taking their newfound...assets out on runs.

Photo: Getty Images

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