Who Can I Cry To?

Yet again, I find myself crying about all the pain in the world. Mourning the loss of children who died way too soon. I find myself holding my phone looking for someone to call for emotional support.

But who can I cry to?

  • My mother, who has to worry about sending my siblings off to school tomorrow with the fear that their school is next?
  • My coworkers with young children who are dealing with this baby formula shortage and are struggling to feed their children?
  • My peers, who are feeling the weight of inflation, where every decision is crucial to their financial well-being?
  • My siblings, who just witness another mass shooting in the US and still have to go to school tomorrow despite the ever-growing fear that they could be next?
  • My friends of color who may not have to worry about dying in a school shooting but worry about being gunned down in a grocery store?
  • My representatives, who have proved time and time again, that in times of crisis, our cries fall on deaf ears?

Who can I cry to? We are all suffering. We are all broken. So I cry into my keyboard hoping someone out there feels like me. And if you need to cry? You can let it out here. <3

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