I'm Not Assertive Enough and Now My Nails Look Like This

I am too nice.  I won't send food back at a restaurant, I hate confrontation, and apparently, I can't stop someone from doing this to my nails.  

Here's the story.  My cousin's wedding is this weekend. I have a black dress with these awesome Kate Spade shoes I just splurged on (although on super sale ;) and I wanted to pick a cute, vibrant pink or purple to compliment my outfit.  I picked out this cute lilac for my toes, and figured the technician was picking out a complimentary color for my nails.  When he put this on, I figured it was about the same color.  I didn't love the pink but just dealt with it because... I am too nice.  Then, he wanted to put this ring finger color on top of all of them and I wasn't crazy about that, but was going to let him do it anyway.  HE (not me, mind you) decided that the pink color was pretty enough but that he was going to do the ring finger a different color.  Okay, I'll play this game, that could look cute.  THEN he started doing this weird thing with a magnet to turn the nails on my ring finger into what is called a "cat eye nail".  As if that's not bad enough, he then tells me to go into the bathroom, close the door and keep the lights off (!!! creepy) but I DO IT, and much to my surprise MY NAILS GLOW IN THE DARK!

Needless to say, I have an appointment at noon tomorrow afternoon to fix this mess.  Anyone else have a problem being assertive?  I just trust people too much! 

Sabrina Conte

Sabrina Conte

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