My Cousin's Sweet Reason for Getting Married at the Omni Shoreham in DC

Weddings are emotional.  They're about families coming together, but they're also about parents giving their child (who is no longer a child) to another adult with whom they entrust their safety.  Before I became a parent, I didn't realize how emotional that aspect of a wedding could be, but after watching my cousin John dance with his daughter Alexandra for their Father/Daughter dance I became very emotional.  It was beautiful. 

So, here we are at his historic DC hotel in the same room where Aretha Franklin, Eartha Kitt and Bob Hope performed in their heyday overwhelmed by the incredible views of the city for one very important reason, this is the hotel where Alexandra's late Grandfather worked for many, many years.  (and I'm crying).  I knew him since I was very little and just a few years ago he passed away.  He was one of the kindest people I knew and had a beautiful family that he raised in Silver Spring after moving over from Italy.  He was the head Maitre D for that Blue Room in the Omni Shoreham.  It was a celebration of love, of family and of memories for the man that brought his family to start a life in this beautiful city in a new country all those years ago.  Check out the history of the Omni Shoreham

My nephew Gianluca and my niece Eleanor in front of the church where they were married (also the church where my parents were married)

Cousins being silly ;P

A few photos of my family... 

...and finally, Eleanor twirling her life away! 

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