So, My House Was Egged This Weekend... but I Was Surprisingly Calm

This has never happened to me before!  It was about 10pm on Friday and I'm in bed reading and hear WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK... I was TERRIFIED! I thought someone was banging on our sliding glass door or trying to break in.  My ridiculously calm husband gets up to check out where the noise was coming from, and I hear "Well... we got egged."

I had no idea how to respond!  This has never happened to me before!  I go outside and there it was, shells on our front windowsill and dripping eggy mess! It was bad!  The worst part, no one else in our block got egged! What did we do??  Did I say something insensitive on air?  My husband was worried the kids he teaches figured out where he lived.  HA!  We chalked it up to the first night of fall shenanigans and cleaned off what we could that night.  

Well, the next day we discovered some more eggshells on the side of our house!  I have to get up there and clean this side window. 

But, I was surprisingly not mad nor did I feel violated, I just shrugged my shoulders and thought it stunk... both literally and figuratively.  What are you gonna do?  Press charges?  I have no idea who did it, and they didn't do any damage.  Now, if it happens again... yeah, I'll probably call the cops.  

Have you ever been egged? 

Here's one of the eggshells, and the side window I have yet to clean because I didn't catch it until later.  Bottom right window.  Lame. 

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