Eleanor's First Visit to the Natural History Museum Was a Hit!

Why, why do we take the city we live in for granted?  Is it because we don't all live directly in DC?  Is it because it can be a pain to park?  Is it because it's too cold to walk around the city, or too hot?  I grew up in Prince George's County and aside from living 9 years in Delaware have called the DMV home for the majority of my life.  

My in-laws were in town this weekend and I didn't want to sit in the house all day on Sunday. I felt like it was our duty to show them something cool, and get poor Eleanor out of her 3 year old cabin fever.  (Parents, you know the struggle is real)

I must admit, I thought the Museum of Natural History was going to be a bit old for her, but she really enjoyed it!  She held bugs, she touched replicas of dinosaur bones, she even went through the butterfly exhibit!  She had a lot of fun, and she was certainly a tired toddler by the end of a few hours at the museum. 

I'm over myself.  I'm over being lazy and complaining about logistics of getting into the city or paying for parking.  The museums are free.  The Mall is free.  The monuments are free!  This is our city! Let's enjoy it.  Us, not just the tourists.  

Next stop... Air & Space!  

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