I ALMOST Adopted This Puppy Today, but It Slipped through My Fingers

My husband and I have been talking about adopting a Beagle puppy for years.  Okay, mostly I have been talking about it and he has been saying no.  We lost our Harp girl (12 year old German Shepherd) almost four years ago and swore we wouldn't get another dog until our daughter Eleanor, an infant at the time, could ask us for one.  Three months ago, she asked for one. 

We've discussed how much this would change our lives.  We know how much responsibility it is to have a dog, which is why we've put it off for so many years.  In all honestly, we didn't think our hearts would ever mend after losing our Harp.  (don't cry, Sabrina! sheesh)

So, last night I'm on Instagram watching friends' stories and see that my buddy Jesse is posting about needing to rescue this pup who needs a forever home!  If my husband was next to me I would have been able to say YES immediately and we would have this dog right now, but he was putting our daughter to bed so I had to wait until this morning to send him a text, which he couldn't get to until the afternoon.  As you can imagine, this sweet little angel had already been scooped up. I know I did the right thing.  You can't "surprise" someone with an animal.  It's not fair to the person and it's not fair to the animal.  

Although we missed out on Layla (that's not her name, but that was MY name for her) at least we learned that we ARE ready to bring a dog into our family and the next time we see a sweet, perfect dog like this one that needs a forever home, we know we can give her ours. 

"My" Beagle
Sabrina Conte

Sabrina Conte

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